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Ecological company held 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day before the education warning meeting

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2023-10-24 09:00 Number of readings:


In order to further strictly implement the work requirements of the construction of Party style and clean government, constantly enhance the awareness of honesty and self-discipline of party members, cadres and employees, and create a festival atmosphere of clean and clean air。On September 28, the Party branch of the ecological company organized home party members and cadres to hold a warning education conference before the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day。At the meeting, one is to make a typical case report;The second is to convey the relevant requirements of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group on correcting the "four winds" during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in 2023。
The meeting stressed that all Party members, cadres and employees should enhance their sense of integrity and self-discipline and continue to do a good job in style construction。一是Raise political standing and enhance political awareness。Adhere to and defend the "two establishment" with practical actions, enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence", achieve the "two maintenance", and implement the political responsibility of comprehensively strict management of the Party's governance and inspection into all aspects of the work;二是Keep an eye on important nodes, build a clean defense line。Take the spirit of implementing the eight Provisions of the Central Committee as an important yardstick to test the character of loyalty;三是Strictly abide by the rules of discipline, the wind is clear, enhance the awareness of the rules of discipline, and always know the moments, honesty and self-discipline。四是To strengthen the duty, to ensure the safety of the festival。It is necessary to earnestly implement the relevant provisions of duty work and strictly implement the duties of duty work。(陈卓)