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A woman in all her glory for March

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2023-03-09 09:03 Number of readings:


      In this season of spring, grass and nightingals, the 113th "38 International Working Women's Day" has arrived。In order to celebrate this festival, enrich the spare time life of female workers, and let everyone spend a warm, happy and meaningful festival, on March 8, the ecological company trade union organized all female workers to carry out the outdoor expansion activities of "Building a new journey to start a career exhibition style"。
      The activity kicked off in the ice breaking game, and the interesting "Peach blossom opens" and "Let's go to the park together" group building game, everyone cooperated, relaxed, laughter and laughter filled the air for a long time, and narrowed the distance between each other in the game and enhanced the friendship of colleagues。After the group building game, the female workers rode together on the city wall of Xi 'an, walking through the beautiful scenery of the time and space transformation of Chinese civilization, infiltrating in the infinite charm of the ancient dynasties and the present capital, enjoying the scenery and enjoying the spring, temporarily unloading the complexity and disturbance, and gaining a happy and good mood。
      The "38" outdoor expansion activities not only exercised the body, pleased the body and mind, but also enhanced the friendship, enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, showed the positive, beautiful and healthy spirit of the female workers, and continuously injected power for better work and life in the future。(Dai Ge Zheng)